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A unit of energy or work equal to 1000 joules. Abbreviated kJ.



a multiple of the joule, which is a unit of energy (work) in the International System of Units; also a unit of energy (work) in the meter-ton-second (mts) system of units (with the specific designation sthene-meter). It is designated by the abbreviation kJ; 1 kJ = 1,000 J = 101.97 kgf · m = 238.85 cal = 0.27778 W · hr = 6.2419 × 1021 eV.

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Families are often dining out up to four times a week and sometimes eating meals they dont know contain most of an adults daily kilojoule intake.
The Government will help outlets prepare by offering a free kilojoule measuring service for the first year of the scheme, and workshops about how to calculate the kilojoule content of menu items.
The average purchase contained 1485 kilojoules - almost as much as a home-cooked steak and veg, roast lamb and veg, chicken stir fry, or pasta and salad meal recommended by health experts.
International and Australian evidence shows kilojoule labelling is effective in reducing the kilojoules consumed per meal, by allowing them to compare the kilojoule content of meals within and between fast food outlets, and make healthier food choices.
Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Cameron Dick said the new laws ensured display of kilojoule information was implemented consistently statewide, spelling a win for the health of all Queenslanders.
In contrast, our indigenous Honeybush wood contains a natural compound called Hesperetin, which enhances the sweetness and flavour of wine without adding to its kilojoule content Hence the low residual sugars in Audacia Natural Red.
Once gram and kilojoule amounts are determined for carbohydrate and protein, these can be expressed as a percentage value with the number being dependent on the energy budget of the individual.
Contract notice: Technology development and delivery of a kilojoule laser for 10 pw beamline operating at augmented shot rate (l4) - round 3.
This leading article took issue with the key message from the Heart Foundation's position statement that a reduction in kilojoule intake, rather than a reduction in fat intake per se, is the major determinant of weight management (1).
The subject matter of this procurement, the flash lamp pumped kilojoule laser, constitutes the first major component of the L4 beamline.
Thanks to the new Public Health (Alcohol) Bill, products will be required to display their energy value in kilojoules and kilocalories.
It gives 10 hours in GPS mode and can track sleep, kilojoules, steps and exercise like all other Fitbits.