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A unit of energy or work equal to 1000 joules. Abbreviated kJ.
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a multiple of the joule, which is a unit of energy (work) in the International System of Units; also a unit of energy (work) in the meter-ton-second (mts) system of units (with the specific designation sthene-meter). It is designated by the abbreviation kJ; 1 kJ = 1,000 J = 101.97 kgf · m = 238.85 cal = 0.27778 W · hr = 6.2419 × 1021 eV.

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Participants in the present study were predominantly well nourished and overweight at baseline and most were consuming adequate kilojoules and protein.
Direct drive experiments on LMJ would start in 2017 using about 30 kilojoules of LMJ's 2 Megajoules and 3.5 kilojoules from PETAL.
The kilojoules and calories and stuff don't really interest me, but the fact that the chemical components of preservatives, additives and flavour seems to be a bit of a caveat, along the lines of 'we clearly labelled it, and you bought it and swallowed it so you have absolutely no right to sue us'.
A typical phone battery (HTC Desire G7) has a voltage of 4.0 V and a capacity of 1400 mAh (or 20.2 kilojoules).
These are exactly 1,000 small calories or about 4.2 kilojoules. It is also called the nutritionist's calorie.
In tests, sticks of bell pepper were treated with up to 20 kilojoules (kJ) per m2 of UV C on the outer, inner, or on both sides of the pericarp.
Another common measurement to classify a HEL is the emission of a single pulse of energy exceeding 30 kilojoules. To qualify this measurement, just 0.2-0.4 joules per square centimeter ([cm.sup.2]) over 10 nanoseconds can burn skin, and just 10 kilojoules/[cm.sup.2] in 0.2 seconds could result in damage to the structure of an aircraft or missile without armor.
Perioperative results Parameter Median Range Prostatic volume (g) 47 25-136 Serum PSA (ng/mL) 2.7 0.3-16 Total operative time (min) 84 66-109 Total energy used (kilojoules) 126.1 27.6-235.5 Hospital stay (days) 2 1-9 Removal of catheter (postoperative days) 1 1-3
The hourly value of energy (in kilojoules) required to heat the water was analyzed.
The composition of the mixture varies considerably and therefore the physical properties of the gas, such as the energy content (Btu or kilojoules) and density (lbs/cf or kg/[m.sup.3]), also vary.