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(1) For Kindle Android tablets, see Kindle Fire.

(2) An e-book system from that includes a family of portable e-readers and a vast library of e-books. Introduced in 2007 with 88,000 titles and more than a hundred best sellers, the Kindle has defined the e-book industry. Kindle devices have become thinner, lighter and brighter, and the book selection continually increases (more than one million by 2015). Titles are searched and purchased on the Kindle and immediately downloaded via Amazon's WhisperNet via Wi-Fi or cellular, depending on model and geographic area. Newspapers and magazines are sent overnight for morning reading.

Featuring models with 6" and 10" screens, Web access and music playback on earlier models was later dropped (all of which are available on Kindle Fire tablets). The Kindle's monochrome E Ink display enables the battery to last up to a month. See Kindle Fire and E Ink.

Users are assigned a email address, which lets them email Amazon their own Word, PDF, text and image files as attachments for downloading to their Kindles. PRC and MOBI files can also be sent to the device (see Kindle e-book formats).

Whispersync for Other Devices
In 2009 and 2010, Amazon introduced Kindle apps for the PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices, and the Kindle Whispersync service synchronizes all of them. Pages are automatically bookmarked, and users pick up in one device where they last stopped in the other. See e-book and Mobipocket.

First Generation
Although nearly an inch thick, the first Kindle was an overnight success and out of stock for months. This shows The New York Times downloaded on the device. (Image courtesy of

Third Generation Kindle
In 2010, at less than nine ounces and a third of an inch thick, the smaller, lighter Kindle could hold 3,500 e-books.

The Kindle Paperwhite
In 2012, Amazon introduced the Paperwhite e-reader with a greatly enhanced display (left). See Kindle Paperwhite.

At the Beach
In bright sunlight, where LCD screens become almost invisible, the Kindle's E Ink display is easily read. See E Ink.
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I'VE had a Kindle e-reader for some years but found the screen was not bright enough for trains and planes at night.
The radio presenter was sent emails from fellow parents at the PS5,000-a-term school asking for PS10 to buy one child a Kindle e-reader and the other a desk.
A Kindle e-reader and an iPad tablet computer were stolen.
Study participants were generally aware of e-reader technology, though Amazon's Kindle e-reader dominated their awareness.
Amazon, which makes the Kindle e-reader, is the only device maker on the 28-member committee, according to its charter.
Over the course of the many years we've been together, he has honed his gift-giving skills.I have to take most of the credit for that, having discovered early in our relationship that subtle hints are no substitute for careful repetition, preferably when he's both awake and listening.The Kindle e-reader was a surprise and I love a surprise -- as long as it's the one I'm expecting.
A PUBLISHING company has won a David versus Goliath battle against retail giant Amazon to make Welsh language books available on the Kindle e-reader.
The Kindle Paperwhite sold out quickly and that device and the basic $69 Kindle e-reader are the No.
Kindle books are 'Buy Once, Read Everywhere', allowing to read Kindle books on any Kindle e-reader or Kindle Fire, as well as on iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, PC, Mac, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android phones and tablets, in web browsers with Kindle Cloud Reader and now on Windows 8 devices.
I finally went out to buy a Kindle e-reader after days and days of research on the internet and came back home with an iPad instead.
Adrianne Palmer was the lucky winner of the Kindle e-Reader, generously donated by Decade Software Company, LLC.
The Kindle Fire HD announcements came after Bezos unveiled a new Kindle e-reader with so-called 'paperwhite' display.