Kinematic Viscosity

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kinematic viscosity

[¦kin·ə¦mad·ik vi′skäs·əd·ē]
(fluid mechanics)
The absolute viscosity of a fluid divided by its density. Also known as coefficient of kinematic viscosity.

Kinematic Viscosity


(also kinematic modulus of viscosity), the ratio of the conventional modulus of viscosity η (also called the dynamic coefficient) to the density of the substance ρ; it is designated by ν. In the International System of Units the unit of kinematic viscosity is m2/sec. A fractional unit of kinematic viscosity, cm2/sec, is called the stokes: 1 m2/sec = 104 stokes.

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The use of ultra-low sulfur fuels requires the use of support devices to maintain the kinematic viscosity in the operating range of the high-pressure pump group to avoid damaging and temperature-shocking equipment and system.
The different base stocks lead to changes of kinematic viscosity and evaporation losses.
The thermal oxidation of rapeseed oil preceding the end of the induction period does not affect the oil's kinematic viscosity because the compounds responsible for increasing the viscosity have not yet formed (Fig.
Only B25Us_irr blend's kinematic viscosity shows lower values than those of diesel fuel in the process of ultrasonic irradiation (after 350 seconds).
Kinematic viscosity is the quotient of the dynamic viscosity divided by density (Va/d) at same temperature.
8kg self-contained and portable instrument that gives an accurate kinematic viscosity measurement right by the side of the machine in question from only a couple of drops of oil.
The specific mass of biodiesel B-100 was measured at 40[degrees]C with an Anton-Paar densimeter 4500 to calculate the kinematic viscosity.
20] alpha-olefins having a kinematic viscosity at 100[degrees]C of 3 to 3,000 cSt and a Mw/Mn of less than 4.
This means that one can use the inverse of the kinematic viscosity in place of exact [[PHI].
In addition, field pennycress methyl esters didn't meet the CEN standard for kinematic viscosity (a measure of thickness), but were within the range specified in the ASTM standard.