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1. a male sovereign prince who is the official ruler of an independent state; monarch
2. any of four playing cards in a pack, one for each suit, bearing the picture of a king
3. the most important chess piece, although theoretically the weakest, being able to move only one square at a time in any direction
4. Draughts a piece that has moved entirely across the board and has been crowned, after which it may move backwards as well as forwards


1. BB, real name Riley B. King. born 1925, US blues singer and guitarist
2. Billie Jean (n?eMoffitt). born 1943, US tennis player: Wimbledon champion 1966--68, 1972--73, and 1975; US champion 1967, 1971--72, and 1974
3. Martin Luther. 1929--68, US Baptist minister and civil-rights leader. He advocated nonviolence in his campaigns against the segregation of Blacks in the South: assassinated: Nobel Peace Prize 1964
4. Stephen (Edwin). born 1947, US writer esp of horror novels; his books, many of which have been filmed, include Carrie (1974), The Shining (1977), Misery (1988), and Everything's Eventual (2002)
5. William Lyon Mackenzie. 1874--1950, Canadian Liberal statesman; prime minister (1921--26; 1926--30; 1935--48)



an island off the southeast coast of Australia, in Bass Strait. Area, 1,125 sq km. The island surface is a plain (elevation, to 213 m), which is composed primarily of friable marine and talus deposits. It is covered by dry eucalyptus forests. The island has deposits of tungsten ore.



(Russian korol’ derived from the name of Charlemagne), ruler of a monarchy with the status of a kingdom; the highest monarchical title after that of emperor.

The authority of the king (known among the Slavs as kniaz’ and among the Scandanavian peoples as konungc) arose during the period of the disappearance of the primitive communal system of social development, growing out of the authority of the tribal leaders. As class society began to be formed, kingship evolved from an institution of military democracy into one of state power. In the course of the settlement of the Germanic tribes on the territory of the Western Roman Empire, a series of “barbarian” kingdoms were formed, chief among them the kingdom of the Franks. After its dissolution, the rulers of France and Germany began to use the title of king. From the earliest Middle Ages, England (originally the states of the Anglo-Saxons) and a number of states in Spain also were known as kingdoms, as were, somewhat later, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Present-day kingdoms include Great Britain, Belgium, Sweden, the Nether-lands, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

What does it mean when you dream about a king?

A king is a power symbol, either for good or for bad. In a dream a king may represent a boss, a father, or the dreamer.

Sihanouk's (King) Birthday (Former King's Birthday and King Sihamoni Coronation Day)

October 29-October 31
The celebration of former Norodom Sihanouk's birthday on October 31 has been combined with the October 29 anniversary of the coronation of his son, King Norodom Sihamoni. Sihanouk abdicated in favor of his son in 2004. This national holiday is also known as Former King's Birthday and King Sihamoni Coronation Day .
The three-day celebration is centered in Phnom Penh, around the Royal Palace. People from all over the country come to the capital city to watch parades, partake in cultural events, and see the elaborate fireworks display along the riverbank near the palace.
Royal Embassy of Cambodia
4530 16th St. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20011
202-726-7742 or 202-726-8268; fax: 202-726-8381
Tourism of Cambodia
262 Monivong Blvd.
Khan Daun Penh
Phnom Penh, Cambodia


In African folklore, the king is said to be “the one who holds all life, human and cosmic, in his hands; the keystone of society and the universe.” In the modern world, we may not associate the king with ultimate power, knowledge, or wisdom. However, historically the mythical King was highly spiritual, was the center of the wheel of life and was said to have a regulatory function in the cosmos. Psychologically, the king and the queen are said to be the “archetypes of human perfection.” As a dream symbol, you can understand the king or queen in your dream by realizing that they represent your ability to achieve independence, self-understanding, and self-determination. They also represent inner wealth that will enable you to be your best and help you to reach your goals. Consciously, you may never have the desire to be a king or queen, but psychologically, these figures are symbolic of our highest potential and our desire to be the “king or queen” of our own world and our own lives. On rare occasions and depending on the details of the dream, the king and queen may represent a powerful force that is unkind and tyrannical.
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And the King caught him manly by the neck, both under him that all a long month after men might see how strongly the King had holden them by the throats.
Fiercely the King struggled with his enemies, trying to wrench their knives from them so that he might defend himself.
And now the English King had put upon him such an insult as might only be wiped out by blood.
He might have struck the King, but then there would have been left to him no alternative save death by his own hand; for a king may not fight with a lesser mortal, and he who strikes a king may not live--the king's honor must be satisfied.
And should I lift up my will against the will of the king, saving the child to look upon the sun which he had doomed to darkness?
The Nome King could think of nothing to say next, so he puffed away at his pipe and paced up and down the room.
Certes, he was already quite a king, and it was a great thing to be a king in that period of traditional devotedness and respect; but as, up to that time, he had been but seldom and always poorly shown to the people, as they to whom he was shown saw him by the side of his mother, a tall woman, and monsieur le cardinal, a man of commanding presence, many found him so little of a king as to say, --
Now the king had a grand-vizir who was avaricious, and envious, and a very bad man.
said the King, 'seeing they are so dangerous, and no one has ever yet ventured to go against them?
The winners then saluted the King and Queen, and withdrew for a space to rest and renew their bow-strings for the keenest contest of all; while the lists were cleared and a new target--the open one--was set up at twelvescore paces.
Athos knelt down and the king passed the ribbon down from left to right as usual, raised his sword, and instead of pronouncing the customary formula, "I make you a knight.
said the musketeer, coolly, "the king is going to have an attack of determination of blood to the head.