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The presentation of cakes is an enduring King's birthday tradition.
Cabinet meeting minutes show the King's birthday message said: "Please accept Herr Reichschancellor my congratulations on your fiftieth birthday."
*** Meanwhile, there was news that Leading Stoker Patrick McDonnell was awarded the British Empire Medal in the King's Birthday Honours List.
This phenomenon happens twice a year on the king's birthday and his coronation anniversary on October 22 and February 22, respectively.
But because it is King's birthday, a time to reflect not only upon his dream, but to also extend our minds beyond it, piercing through it like an arrow, to hit the targets beyond the targets.
King's birthday. However, white supremacy is exhibited by many municipalities, police departments, libraries and businesses.
King's birthday and Roe by gathering our strength to fight for human rights at all times, and to express our gratitude to those who are on the front lines, such as abortion providers, Black Lives Matter activists, and the many, many people who work for racial justice and gender justice, believing that it is the same struggle.
Khantahiran was speaking on the occasion of the commemoration of the Thai king's birthday, which is also observed as the National Father's Day in Thailand, at St Regis Doha on Thursday.
Thai expats and guests, meanwhile, wore yellow - the colour for the king's birthday - which fell on Monday, July 28, 1952.
The future king's birthday falls on Sunday, July 22, and he's expected to celebrate the big day with his parents the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
7 July is former King's birthday and the Royal couple is going to Nepalgunj on 3 May.