King's College

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King's College,

former name of Columbia Univ.Columbia University,
mainly in New York City; founded 1754 as King's College by grant of King George II; first college in New York City, fifth oldest in the United States; one of the eight Ivy League institutions.
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After I had graduated I continued to devote myself to research, occupying a minor position in King's College Hospital, and I was fortunate enough to excite considerable interest by my research into the pathology of catalepsy, and finally to win the Bruce Pinkerton prize and medal by the monograph on nervous lesions to which your friend has just alluded.
The kettle sang away merrily on the hob of the snuggery, for, notwithstanding the time of year, they lighted a fire, throwing both the windows wide open at the same time; the heaps of books and papers were pushed away to the other end of the table, and the great solitary engraving of King's College Chapel over the mantelpiece looked less stiff than usual, as they settled themselves down in the twilight to the serious drinking of tea.
Without partners, such as colleagues from King's College, we could not have accomplished as much.
On the other hand, this enabled a broadening of higher education outside the narrow confines of King's College, with its obligatory assent for the 39 articles.
His death in hospital on Tuesday, aged 88, was announced by King's College London yesterday, where he had remained a professor in his latter years.
Burridge (Den of King's College, London, England) and Graham Gould (former Lecturer in Theology and Religious Studies, King's College, London, England), Jesus Now And Then explores Jesus Christ's life and impact on humanity.
Specialist fire-resisting glass products by Vetrotech Saint-Gobain have been used in construction of the Golden Jubilee Wing, a new six-storey building, part of King's College Hospital, London.
The real issue behind the affair was Wellington's prominent part in the foundation of the staunchly Anglican King's College London at the same time as he was supporting the introduction of the Roman Catholic Emancipation Bill.
King Henry VIII provided an endowment for King's College, The Fitzwilliam Museum is filled with treasures of the world.
Kate, who is pregnant with her third child who is due in April, met academics at the innovative King's College London's Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute, which is developing new therapies for mental health illnesses.
The ground-breaking ceremony has taken place at King's College Hospital London, Dubai.