King's County

King's County,

Republic of Ireland: see OffalyOffaly
, county (1991 pop. 58,494), 771 sq mi (1,997 sq km), central Republic of Ireland. The county seat is Tullamore. A part of the central plain of Ireland, the county is mostly flat with some sections covered by the Bog of Allen. The Slieve Bloom Mts.
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References in classic literature ?
No man who is acquainted with the State of New York will doubt that the active wealth of King's County bears a much greater proportion to that of Montgomery than it would appear to be if we should take either the total value of the lands or the total number of the people as a criterion!
That which was addressed to the people inhabiting the country now comprised within the limits of King's County, was as follows:--
First Baron Montbarry, of Montbarry, King's County, Ireland.