Kingman Reef

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Kingman Reef,

uninhabited reef, less than 1 sq mi (2.6 sq km), central Pacific, one of the Line IslandsLine Islands
or Equatorial Islands,
coral group, 43 sq mi (111 sq km), central and S Pacific. Once valuable for their guano deposits, the islands now have coconut groves, airfields, and meteorological stations.
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, 1,075 mi (1,730 km) SW of Honolulu. It was discovered by Americans in 1798 and annexed by the United States in 1922. At one time a stop on the air route from Honolulu to Pago Pago, Kingman Reef came under the jurisdiction of the U.S. navy in 1934, and since 2000 has been administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior. Since 2009 it has been part of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National MonumentPacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument,
c.490,000 sq mi (1,260,000 sq km), central Pacific Ocean; est. 2009. The monument comprises the waters and reefs surrounding seven islands and atolls, and in most cases the island lands are managed as wildlife refuges as well.
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