Kingston upon Hull

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Kingston upon Hull:

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officially Kingston upon Hull,
city and unitary authority (2011 pop. 256,406), NE England, on the north shore of the Humber estuary at the influx of the small Hull River.
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, England.

Kingston Upon Hull


(also Hull), a city and borough in Great Britain, in the county of Humberside. Population, 279,000 (1974). Kingston upon Hull is a North Seaport on the Humber Estuary. The port, whose docks can accommodate containers and palletized cargoes, handled 6.5 million tons of cargo in 1974 and serves the industrial region of West Yorkshire. A center of commercial fishing, the city has machine-building, chemical, food-processing, and wood-products industries. Kingston upon Hull has a university.

Kingston upon Hull

1. the official name of Hull
2. a unitary authority in NE England, in the East Riding of Yorkshire: formerly (1974--96) part of the county of Humberside. Pop.: 247 900 (2003 est.). Area: 71 sq. km (27 sq. miles)
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To my chagrin I learned that Wikipedia (consulted September 15, 2010) lists the town as "Kingston upon Hull."
"Kingston Upon Hull and East Riding are getting the majority because they were the worst affected by the June flooding," she said.
Results: North Hockey League Premier Division: Ben Rhydding 5 Alderley Edge 1' Bow-don 1 Brooklands MU 1' Durham University 5 Preston 1' Oxton 1 Kingston Upon Hull 4' Rotherham 2 City of York 2' Sheffield University Bankers 3 Timperley 1.
dfe wishes to appoint an adviser to improve childrens social work practice in kingston upon hull council.
Tom Blanchard of Skipton won the race (8.49) ahead of Loftus and Whitby AC's Shane Hicks (8.51) and Kingston upon Hull's Michael Adlard (9.15) and they also finished first team, ahead of Wakefield and Holmfirth.
DURHAM became only the third university in the country to have a male and female side in English hockey's National League when their men's first team gained promotion by defeating Kingston Upon Hull 5-1.
FIXTURES: North Hockey League Premier Division: City of York v Preston' Kingston upon Hull v Brooklands Manchester University' Oxton v Bowdon' Rotherham v Durham University' Sheffield University Bankers v Ben Rhydding' Timperley v Alderley Edge.
RESULTS: North Premier League Division: Ben Rhydding 2 Brooklands MU 1; Bowdon 3 Preston 0; Durham University 3 Alderley Edge 2; Oxton 5 Timperley 2; Rotherham 0 Kingston Upon Hull 1; Sheffield University Bankers 12 City of York 1
On Sunday the team will travel north to Kingston upon Hull to face the struggling Hull Icebergs.
Even in Kingston upon Hull, the most affordable area of England and Wales, at pounds 45,139 the average property costs 2.2 times the region's average earnings.
FIXTURES: North Hockey League Premier Division: Alderley Edge v Rotherham, Bowdon v Ben Rhydding, Brooklands Manchester University v City of York, Durham University v Oxton, Preston v Sheffield University Bankers, Timperley v Kingston upon Hull. North League Division One: Chester v Leeds University, Deeside Ramblers v Doncaster, Didsbury Northern v Durham University, Manchester v Springfields, Newcastle University v Tynemouth, Southport v Leeds.
Oxton's men beat Brooklands Manchester University 4-3 in the North Premier League and also cruised into the third round of the HA Cup by winning 4-1 against Kingston Upon Hull.

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