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island group, Taiwan: see QuemoyQuemoy
, Chin. Chinmen, Kinmen, or Jinmen, Taiwanese island group (2010 pop. 56,703), Taiwan Strait, just off Fujian prov., China, and c.150 mi (240 km) W of Taiwan.
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Since Taipei in January lifted the ban for Kinmen and Matsu islands, located only a few kilometers off the Fujian coast, Taiwan vessels carrying Taiwan passengers have made three direct crossings to China.
If the insect successfully establishes a presence in Taiwan, sweet corn and rice fields on Taiwan proper and sorghum and wheat fields in Kinmen are particularly vulnerable, with potential annual losses of up to NT$3.5 billion (US$111.46 million), according to the COA.
Earlier this week, Beijing allowed the first Chinese vessel to make a direct crossing to Kinmen, enabling more than 70 Kinmen-born senior citizens to return to their birthplace and meet relatives they had not seen in 50 years.
To prevent an outbreak of ASF in Taiwan proper, Kinmen County will be banned from exporting its pigs and pork products to Taiwan's mainland and other outlying islands under Taiwan's jurisdiction for at least a week, the ASF response center announced.
Under the new regulations, Kinmen and Matsu residents will be able to directly travel to China as well as to trade goods with their neighbors in China.
Kinmen and Matsu are approximately two and nine kilometers away from China's mainland at their closest point, respectively.
Meanwhile, the CWB has advised possible flight delays in Kinmen and Matsu due to fog or low clouds.
Chances of torrential rain are still high for Kinmen and the southern part of Taiwan, including Hualien and Penghu counties.
The Patrol boat PP-10053 escorted the damaged vessel to Liao Lou Port, located on the Quemoy (or Kinmen) islands near mainland China.
The anniversary of the assault on tiny Kinmen island, known as the "823 bombardment", comes as China steps up pressure on self-ruling Taiwan, which it sees as part of its territory to be reunified.
Background: The purpose of this study was to analyze the characteristics of the children with developmental delays (DDs) in Kinmen. The methods of evaluation for the children with DDs were also discussed as references for other rural areas in Taiwan.
The agreement will see water pumped from China's southeastern province of Fujian to the 100,000 residents of Taiwan's Kinmen County by 2017.