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A stall set up in a public place where one can obtain information, e.g. tourist information. The information may be provided by a human or by a computer. In the latter case, the data may be stored locally (e.g. on CD-ROM) or accessed via a network using some kind of distributed information retreival system such as Gopher or World-Wide Web.
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A small ornamented pavilion or gazebo, usually open for the sale of merchandise, or to provide cover or shelter to travelers.
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1. A small pavilion, usually open, built in gardens and parks.
2. A similar structure, often enclosed, for the sale of merchandise such as newspapers or magazines.
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A small, self-standing structure such as a newsstand or ticket booth. The original kiosk had room inside for a person who handled the transactions; however, the term evolved to refer to unattended self-service booths with computers that dispense information or make sales via a touchscreen.

Other than simple soda or candy machines, almost any modern vending machine that accepts credit cards can be called a kiosk. For example, digital photo kiosks are today's counterpart to the earlier, manned kiosks for analog film developing. Accepting memory card or CD/DVD input, they allow users to select images and perform limited editing. The units can make prints on the spot as well as burn them onto a CD. See self-service application and touchscreen.

The Photo Kiosk
Photo kiosks with touchscreens have popped up in shopping malls and venues worldwide.

Tablet Kiosks
The flexibility of a tablet makes them ideal for kiosk use. Armodilo Display Solutions makes a variety of desktop and free-standing housings that securely hold Apple, Android, Windows and BlackBerry tablets.

Self Service
Any stand-alone self-service unit can be called a kiosk, such as this parking ticket dispenser in Philadelphia, which accepts cash and credit cards.
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In 2008, Vanderbilt University Medical Center hunched a pilot program for self-check-in with kiosks in just three areas: the preoperative evaluation clinic, the pediatric rehabilitation unit and radiology.
The Agalma kiosk, which has been on its present site for 23 years without a licence, was due to be demolished along with two others, but the owner has not complied, threatening to stall the whole operation.
RadioShack expects the shift to cut profits from its kiosk business by $10 million to $15 million this year.
Customers can check-in, view seat assignments, make seat changes, review itineraries and print boarding passes using the NCR TouchPort kiosks. Passengers who have used Internet check-in can also use the kiosks to access their reservation and make changes if necessary.
Alpha DataCOs partnership with Optimiza will focus on the UAE, making Alpha the preferred reseller of their kiosk solutions in Abu Dhabi.
Currently, 200 retailers are using Digikwik Photo Kiosks. Having recently obtained various international retail chain contracts, Digikwik will have at least 2,000 photo kiosks placed in retail stores throughout Europe, mainly Scandinavia, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain, by the end of this year.
Kiosk systems were also judged by a panel of consumers evaluating features such as user friendliness, ergonomics, feature set, quality of prints, overall experience, and more.
Here's how it all works: At the kiosks, students can use a touch screen and check their meal plan balances, see the day's menus, or even send a special dietary request or feedback to the dining director.
The kiosk tenants are: Carolyn Forsman, Stelios, Canine Styles, Posman Books, Max Power and Rosetta Stone.
Patricia Norins, author of the Ultimate Guide to Specialty Retail: How to start a cart, kiosk or store (Specialty Retail Report; $49), and publisher of Specialty Retail Report, offers advice for getting started:
He had directed for identifying areas in every sector for kiosks, minimum one and maximum depending upon the requirement of the people.
He was responding to the questions of two-member bench comprising Acting Chief Justice Aamer Farooq and Justice Miangul Hassan Aurangzeb during hearing of case against demolition of kiosks.