Kireevskii, Petr

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Kireevskii, Petr Vasil’evich


Born Feb. 11 (23), 1808, in the village of Dolbino, Kaluga Province; died Oct. 25 (Nov. 6), 1856, in the village of Kireevskaia Slobodka, Orel Province. Russian folklorist, scholar of early texts, and publicist. Brother of I. V. Kireevskii. A Slavophile.

In 1830, Kireevskii began to collect folk songs under the influence of A. S. Pushkin and N. M. Iazykov, who helped him in this task. He compiled a folkloric collection numbering thousands of texts (historical and lyrical songs, byliny [epic folk tales]). Material recorded in written form by A. S. Pushkin, the Iazykov family, V. I. Dal’, N. V. Gogol, and A. V. Kol’tsov went into this collection. Only the collection of spiritual verses was published during Kireevskii’s lifetime.


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