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[Heb. Qishon=tortuous], intermittent river, c.45 mi (70 km) long, rising below Mt. Gilboa, N Israel, and flowing NW to the Mediterranean Sea near Haifa; only the lower 7-mi (11.3-km) section is a permanent stream.
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Part of Oplan: Hackle is to recruit, to escape en masse, to assassinate selected targets, and from intelligence reports, it includes some Cabinet members and even the president,'' Kison told reporters.
Paul of the American Association and an executive for UPS; and side-armer Bruce Kison is a scout for the Orioles.
Tristan Kison said Miranda asked to be relieved of command for personal reasons and dismissed reports Miranda was implicated in the coup plot.
Beyond that, Bruce Kison (1985), Dave Hollins (1995) and Todd Forthwith (1994) are scouts and Gary Allenson (1979-84) manages Triple A Norfolk.