Garden of the Gods

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Garden of the Gods,

park, 770 acres (312 hectares), central Colo., near Colorado Springs; noted for its unusual, multicolored rock formations. Narrow-crested sandstone hills and ridges have been eroded into fascinating groups with such fanciful names as Kissing Camels. Gray Rock serves as a natural amphitheater.
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The federal court of the District of Colorado must have taken note of Roberts' writings; it referenced them in Kissing Camels Surgery Center v.
There are also spoof dinosaur attacks, kissing camels, flying fish, a heavy metal grandmother drummer and a cow determined to squeeze into a public toilet.
A Saudi farmer last week posted a clip of himself hugging and kissing camels while pouring scorn on the warnings to be cautious with the animals.
The scientist said tourists and residents should refrain from touching and kissing camels and should keep a distance of about 10metres when they are clicking pictures with the mammal that fancies people at desert safaris, races and farms.
A TOY importer has admitted making a mistake after a pair of "kissing camels" featuring the names of Bahrain and Israel was sold to a client.
If you're based in Colorado Springs, you might consider the Garden of the Gods Club (Kissing Camels CC) as an alternative to traditional Springs favorite The Broadmoor.