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However, there was some difficulty where Kissinger maintained that the invasion of Iraq was consistent with America's values in defense of the free world and the ending of tyranny.
Kissinger Prize has been awarded annually since 2007 to Europeans and Americans who have made outstanding contributions to the transatlantic relationship.
Kissinger displays an uncommon level of erudition (and mental acuity, for a 90-year-old) in describing early America as a neutral player in international affairs, in keeping with Washington's famous warning about avoiding "permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world" and her vision of herself as a future world power, thanks to her liberty and her independence from dissipating foreign entanglements.
From 1969 to 1977, Kissinger served under President Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, first as national security advisor and then as secretary of state.
6) But how will a region of historically headstrong sovereignties define its new status under the European Union when, as Kissinger notes, the EU could become too enmeshed in its regional affairs to remain a significant geopolitical actor on the world stage?
Kissinger, who served " under presidents Nixon and Ford added: "I have no strong views about the specific technical issues on which much of the referendum debate is taking place.
In an interview with NPR that was released on Saturday, Kissinger explained that because Iran has a stronger footing in the Middle-East, it has a greater opportunity to create an empire.
Kissinger further characterizes the United States as at odds "with Saudi Arabia over Yemen," whereas in fact the US, whether for good reasons or ill, has been providing Saudi Arabia with military assistance in that conflict.
Grandin paints Kissinger as something of an Ivy League cowboy, always ready for action, and his writing and research are compelling.
The reference to Edith's attractiveness bespeaks the charm and flattery for which Kissinger would become famous.
While many hailed Kissinger for his brilliance and broad experience, some opponents branded him a war criminal for his support for anti-communist dictatorships, especially in Latin America.
The young Kissinger was ambitious, focused, and serious in his attempt to assimilate himself into his new American society.