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Swahili language,

member of the Bantu group of African languages (see African languagesAfrican languages,
geographic rather than linguistic classification of languages spoken on the African continent. Historically the term refers to the languages of sub-Saharan Africa, which do not belong to a single family, but are divided among several distinct linguistic stocks.
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 and Bantu languagesBantu languages,
group of African languages forming a subdivision of the Benue-Niger division of the Niger-Congo branch of the Niger-Kordofanian language family (see African languages).
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). Swahili is spoken by 30 million people, chiefly in Tanzania, Kenya, Congo (Kinshasa), Burundi, and Uganda, and serves as a lingua franca for additional millions in E Africa, including Europeans, Arabs, and Indians as well as Africans. It is also now the official language of Kenya and Tanzania and has the largest number of speakers of the Bantu group of languages. Although grammatically a Bantu tongue, Swahili has been greatly influenced by Arabic, from which it has borrowed many words. It is the vehicle of a noteworthy literature that goes back to the beginning of the 18th cent. and is written in a form of the Arabic alphabet. In the second half of the 19th cent., missionaries introduced the Roman alphabet for recording Swahili. Since then writing has flourished, and some native authors of distinction have appeared.


See E. C. Polomé, Swahili Language Handbook (1967); E. N. Myachina,The Swahili Language (1981).

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Nevertheless, the recommendations on Kiswahili from the Phelps-Stokes (1925) commission report were opposed, for example, by some prominent British administrators, the missionaries, Ugandan cultural leaders/rulers and some elites (on the various opposing views, see for example, Pawlikova-Vilhanova, 1996: 167; Ssekamwa and Lugumba, 2001: 9; Ssekamwa, 2000: 134-137; Mulokozi, 2009: 74).
Author Kalanje (Morogoro Teacher's College, Tanzania) presents the results of a study of 337 children in Tanzania, which led to a group-based screening tool in the Kiswahili language for identifying children at risk for reading and writing problems.
uses Kiswahili words to teach concepts, such as kidogo (little), pole, pole (slowly, slowly), and chapu, chapu (hurry, hurry
Google Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Chrome [ETH] GoogleOs very own web browser [ETH] are now available in a Kiswahili language version according to reports received last week, making access to the Internet for East African, non-English speakers possible at last, improving and expanding the realm of communication, including travel and tourism.
Northern Mozambican Muslim population has been using the Arabic script for writing in KiSwahili and local African languages for centuries.
I communicated through what little Kiswahili I knew and learned important Maasai words, one of which is cow.
There is also a Talking Book CD-ROM that can be ordered in Arabic, Croatian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Amharic, Farsi, Dinka, Kiswahili, Chinese, Macedonian, Turkish, Somali, Khmer, Dari, and Tigrinya.
In addition, the company has invested in translating its operating system into several languages including Zulu, Kiswahili, and Afrikaans, to meet the needs of the diverse ethnic populations across the continent.
35) will not find anything in the same calibre today and should prove too good for Sir Mark Pre scott's Newmarket challenger Kiswahili, who stays over for another run after easily beating much lower grade at Leopardstown on Wednesday.
Kidogo translates as "little" in kiswahili, McGrory drawing on her time in East Africa when she worked for environmental groups.
That was a decent effort and a reproduction of that form should enable him to take care of Without A Trace and Kiswahili.
Seb Sanders rode his first Fairyhouse winner when Kiswahili stayed on strongly to justify odds of 1-2 for Sir Mark Prescott in the Cavan GAA Supporters Club Dublin Branch Race.