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also called boardsailing or sailboarding, water sport that employs a board-and-sail device and combines elements of sailing and surfing. The sailboard was first developed in 1964 by boater and surfer S.
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The clip, which Kahawaty and Inter shared on their Instagram pages, features various dedicated professionals, from a dancer to a kitesurfer, refining their craft through sheer hard work.
BRAVE student risked her life to save a tangledup kitesurfer in the River Mersey who was being carried out to sea.
Two lifeboats were launched at Aberdeen beach due to concerns a kitesurfer was in danger.
A Llandudno Coastguard spokesman said: "Whilst out on patrol this morning the team were flagged down at West Shore to an injured kitesurfer who had become injured whilst flying amongst the sand dunes.
He was not wearing a buoyancy device or helmet despite the authorities recently making them mandatory for kitesurfers.
I did not see him because I had to go to the emergency room at the hospital, I had a very deep cut," the kitesurfer said. 
Kitesurfers from Italy and New Zealand will also be at the championship which will see racing from August 18 to 22 at the Masirah Beach Camp venue, with a prize-pot of ee1/410,000 on offer.
Kajiya is considered to be the top female kitesurfer in the world at the moment as she has won five home titles and she gained second place at the world championship.
Sailing employs the wind-acting on sails, wingsails or kites-to propel a craft on the surface of the water (sailing ship, sailboat, windsurfer, or kitesurfer), on ice (iceboat) or on land (land yacht) over a chosen course, which is often part of a larger plan of navigation.
A kitesurfer makes the most of the high winds off West Wittering beach in West Sussex yesterday
A KITESURFER based in Bahrain is poised to attempt another record-breaking adventure on open water.
Langebaan: heaven for a kitesurfer! via Madnomad Getting closer to one of the few cities I was excited to visit, the silhouette of the legendary Table Mountain caught my eye.