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also called boardsailing or sailboarding, water sport that employs a board-and-sail device and combines elements of sailing and surfing. The sailboard was first developed in 1964 by boater and surfer S.
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Every year a professional kitesurfer hosts the event and crowns the winner.
International star of the waves Ruben Lenten, 27, from the Netherlands, a renowned free-style kitesurfer who made a name for himself with his 'megaloop' signature move, will be overseeing and judging the Red Bull Kite: The Waj event on June 4-6.
Kitesurfers anywhere can select a model from the website and arrange to trial it with a 'team rider' living nearby.
Windsurfers and, later, kitesurfers have achieved ever faster speeds due to the daredevil ethos of extreme-sports athletics.
Just like kitesurfers, jet ski users etc, we should be permitted our fair share of access to the sea, particularly in these months that are difficult for all outside.
Kitesurfers can be seen in different water locations in Qatar.
It isn't clear though if there's some kind of a kitesurfing school there in Batroun or these were just a bunch of pro kitesurfers having fun.
In such beautiful surroundings it would be easy to lie there all day, watching the kitesurfers enjoy the breeze off the coast.
Eight friends and relatives went on to complete the journey, creating a new record for being the fastest group of kitesurfers to make the Channel crossing.
Summary: The world's best kitesurfers have been showing off their skills in Portugal.
But when it came to watersports I preferred to play spectator and watch an army of kitesurfers descend daily on the beach in front of the super-modern C Beach Club at the west end of Bel Ombre.