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also called boardsailing or sailboarding, water sport that employs a board-and-sail device and combines elements of sailing and surfing. The sailboard was first developed in 1964 by boater and surfer S.
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BRAVE student risked her life to save a tangledup kitesurfer in the River Mersey who was being carried out to sea.
In Sicily, an unexpected gust of wind killed a 65-year-old German kitesurfer on the Islands of the Stagnone nature reserve, smashing him against a parked car as he tried to go into the sea, Italian media reported.
A KITESURFER died yesterday as Storm Eric continued to batter Britain.
Also attending the Oman Sail organised event is British kitesurfer Dave Williams, who came third last year, and high-profile US racer Mandi Browning, a three-time cancer survivor and former Olympic-level synchronized swimmer.
Kajiya is considered to be the top female kitesurfer in the world at the moment as she has won five home titles and she gained second place at the world championship.
Waves pound the wide beach without making it too dangerous for a dip, while constant winds keep sunbathers cool and give kitesurfers perfect conditions to skim the Atlantic.
The support team consists of Captain Robert Jones co-captain Dale Mascoll, videographer Hiba Skaini as well as fellow kitesurfers Yousif Al Harty and Ryan Hughes.
Kitesurfers from across the region are coming to Amwaj Islands next month to participate in the only regional amateur kitesurf competition.
Due for completion in winter 2015, the new beachfront hotel will be located in the island of Boracay, regarded a paradise for kitesurfers. A newly upgraded Boracay Airport is also set to launch around the same time.
"There are two types of tourists that we see here," Mansour said, "the package tourists and the adventure tourists who come to dive or kitesurf." And according to Hildebrandt "kitesurfers will keep coming until there are no flights to be found."
Windsurfers and, later, kitesurfers have achieved ever faster speeds due to the daredevil ethos of extreme-sports athletics.