Klamath Falls

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Klamath Falls,

city (1990 pop. 17,737), seat of Klamath co., SW Oreg., at the southern tip of Upper Klamath Lake; inc. 1905. It is the processing and distribution center of a lumber, livestock, and farm area. Timber, dairy products, and tourism are central to the city's economy. Klamath Falls was settled in 1867 as Linkville. The Klamath irrigation project (1900) on the Klamath River and the coming of the railroad (1909) stimulated its growth from a hamlet to a thriving city. The Oregon Institute of Technology and Favell Museum of Western Art and Indiana Artifacts are in Klamath Falls. Crater Lake National Park and Lava Beds National Monument are nearby.
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All four lawmakers led a bipartisan effort to craft the Treating Small Airports with Fairness Act of 2016, which passed the House of Representatives last year and helped restore commercial air service to Klamath Falls after the departure of SkyWest in June 2014.
Community partners were a significant factor in the success of the Klamath Falls SuperJTI trainings held in 2016 and 2017," says Sheryl Bilbrey, director of the EPA Region 10 Office of Environmental Cleanup
Upon receipt of all necessary regulatory approval, the Klamath Falls branch of AmericanWest Bank will become a Bank of the Cascades branch.
Five hundred tons of the gravel were then reused on the Klamath Falls site as fill and to pave an approach road.
Morris was wanted in the shooting Friday of Diego Aguilar of Lancaster in a Klamath Falls motel parking lot.
One of the best viewing sites is near Worden, about 11 miles south of Klamath Falls.
In addition to greenhouse gas mitigation, Klamath uses up to three million gallons per day of treated municipal wastewater provided by the City of Klamath Falls to meet 100 percent of its cooling needs, helping the City reduce its discharges into the Klamath River by about two million gallons per day.
In Wednesday's other opening round games, defending state champion Medford edged Albany 6-5 and the host Klamath Falls, who entered the tournament (10-30) stunned the Grants Pass Nuggets, 7-6.
arrived at his great-uncle's house in Klamath Falls, behaving erratically--behavior consistent with that of a whacked-out drug user.
James is on a Charles Bronson Death Wich trip with this Klamath Falls f/s air.
KLAMATH FALLS -- A new gas-fired power generation plant is expected to come online in Klamath Falls this summer, just in time for the expected energy crunch.
2) Below, Stockton's Ed Douglass, left, and Kurt Phillips of Klamath Falls, Ore.

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