Klavdiia Lukashevich

Lukashevich, Klavdiia Vladimirovna


Born Dec. 11 (23), 1859, in St. Petersburg; died in 1937. Russian writer. Daughter of a civil servant. Worked as a teacher for some time.

Lukashevich began publishing in the 1880’s, writing exclusively for children. Her works were marked by sentimentality, didacticism, and sketchiness, but evident at the same time were her love of children and her attempt to awaken diligence and a spirit of inquisitiveness. Her popular works included The AlphabetDisseminator and First Reader for School and Family (1907; reprinted many times), the collections of short stories The Barefoot Team (1896) and Small Grains (1899), the autobiographical novellas My Sweet Childhood (1914) and A Life to Live Is not a Field to Cross (1918), and a novella about V. A. Zhukovskii.