Kldiashvili, Sergo

Kldiashvili, Sergo Davidovich


Born Oct. 6 (18), 1893, in the village of Simoneti in present-day Terzhola Raion. Soviet Georgian writer; son of D. S. Kldiashvili.

Kldiashvili graduated from the department of law of Moscow University in 1917. He was a member of the Blue Horns, a literary group of Georgian symbolists. He wrote the realistic novella Moon of the Provinces and the novel Ashes (1932; Russian translation, 1934), which told of life in the Georgian countryside during World War I (1914–18). In the second part of this novel (1962) he portrayed life in the Georgian countryside during the period of collectivization. In the novel Peaceful Abode (1958), Kldiashvili tells of the downfall of the old world, the establishment of Soviet power in Georgia, and the changes in the psychology of the people. The cycle Short Stories of Svan (1935) is notable for its high artistic merits. He wrote the plays Generation of Heroes (1937), Deer Gorge (1944), and The Return (1952).


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