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Stephen Cole Kleene

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Kleene, Stephen Cole


Born Jan. 5, 1909, in Hartford, Conn. American logician and mathematician.

Kleene received his Ph.D degree from Princeton University in 1934. In 1948 he became a professor at the University of Wisconsin (Madison). His principal works are devoted to the theory of algorithms and recursive functions and to problems of intuitionistic logic and mathematics. In particular he proved the equivalence of the concept of γ-definability of a function, which was introduced by A. Church, and general recursiveness. The concept introduced by Kleene of the (recursive) realizability of formulas lies at the basis of the intuitionistic interpretation of number-theoretic propositions. Kleene is the author of a series of widely known monographs on mathematical logic, the foundations of mathematics, and the theory of recursive functions.


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Par la suite, ce calcul computationnel sera aussi demontre equivalent a de nombreuses autres formes de calculs, par exemple: le calcul recursif de Kleene (1936), les regles de production de Post (1936), la logique combinatoire de Curry et Feys, (1958), les algorithmes de Markov (1960), les grammaires a etats finis (Chomsky, 1957), les automates de von Neumann (1963) et bien d'autres.
Solvent Kleene (, 978/531-2279) offers a series of industrial-grade cleaners ideal for high use shop environments that meet modern safety and environmental standards.
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This part can be repeated arbitrarily often (also zero times), which is denoted by the Kleene star *.
This was followed by the establishment of Stephen Kleene's 'Algorithmic Theory' in 1943.
Among his topics are Kleene spaces, Spector-Gandy spaces, and questions and related results.
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Jobin (1955) reported breeding colonies of Black Swift on cliffs near the north arm of Quesnel Lake, and 10 km northwest of Kleena Kleene. During wildlife inventories in Kootenay National Park, Black Swifts were observed flying near Helmut Falls, Sinclair Canyon, and Marble Canyon; nesting was suspected at the latter site (Poll and others 1984).