a wooden structure of the simplest type, formed from rows of logs placed one on the other.

The klet’ is widely used in wooden architecture (izbas, farm buildings, and klet’-type churches). The unheated part of an izba is also called a klett’.

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MAaAaAeAe-ller filed a lawsuit against Mainz with his lawyer Horst Klet arguing the time limitation on the contract was void.
I stopped briefly at Restoran Samoborska klet to lunch on piquant mushroom soup and grilled trout endeding with the Samobor version of kremsnite, a classic dessert made with flaky filo pastry and custard.
Stop by Klet Dobrovo, a traditional wine cellar housed in a historic castle, to sample some fine wines, while munching on fresh cheese, bread and ham - it's the ultimate summation of life's simple pleasures
Ticha at Klet (coma diameter about 8"-10") [IAUC 7623, 2001 May 11].
A BOO OOKL KLET ET dropped through A BOOKLET dropped through my letterbox the other day.
8990 Compassion, discovered at Klet Observatory in the Czech Republic, was named "to honor the compassion of people around the world for the friends and families of the victims of disasters, exemplified by the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington on 2001 Sept.
3m reflector during Apr 21-29, and Klet CCD observations by J.
EVENING Round off the day with dinner at Kaptolska Klet (Kaptol 5) by the cathedral.
enjoying a cup of coffee with my friends, romantic walks to the Ljubljana Castle at night or in Tivoli Park on sunny days, in- line skating and enjoying an ice-cream in the evenings, exhibitions, theatre shows, or weekend parties (which last well into the small hours) at one of the numerous restaurants, bars, or pubs (As, Papillon, Bachus, Emonska Klet, etc.