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a wooden structure of the simplest type, formed from rows of logs placed one on the other.

The klet’ is widely used in wooden architecture (izbas, farm buildings, and klet’-type churches). The unheated part of an izba is also called a klett’.

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aid live klet ying have ons," "Sounds of the children cryand banging on the door hbeen heard on several occasiohe added.
The planet was discovered by the Czech astronomers at Klet' Observatory on October 24, 1995 and has long been known with its provisional name UN2.
MAaAaAeAe-ller filed a lawsuit against Mainz with his lawyer Horst Klet arguing the time limitation on the contract was void.
(5) Anonimna recenzentica rada dala je vrijedan podatak na kojemu zahvaljujemo te ga u cijelosti prenosimo: >>Recenzentici je poznata cinjenica da se u jednom mladenackom drustvu u drugoj polovici 1980--ih u jednom kajkavskom mjesnom govoru na druzenjima govorilo udemoinje utervnunje = idemo vnuter, utklenje = klet, umistgenje = gemist.<< Kako ce se dalje vidjeti, te potvrde slijede uzorak opisan u ovome radu.
Available from: http://www.mciindia.org/tools/announcement/MCI_boo klet.pdf [Last accessed on 2015 Nov 26].
I stopped briefly at Restoran Samoborska klet to lunch on piquant mushroom soup and grilled trout endeding with the Samobor version of kremsnite, a classic dessert made with flaky filo pastry and custard.
Stop by Klet Dobrovo, a traditional wine cellar housed in a historic castle, to sample some fine wines, while munching on fresh cheese, bread and ham - it's the ultimate summation of life's simple pleasures!
Tichy (Klet) showed a diffuse coma of diameter 17" and a faint 30" tail in p.a.
A BOO OOKL KLET ET dropped through A BOOKLET dropped through my letterbox the other day.