an urban-type settlement in Rovno Raion, Rovno Oblast, Ukrainian SSR, 23 km from the city of Rovno, on the Stubla River (a tributary of the Goryn’).

Klevan’ is a railroad station on the Rovno-Kovel’ line. It has a woodworking and a small-industries combine and logging.

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Solberg, Klevan, and Asche (2007) reported a significant redesign of care that emphasizes team care, task delegation, a proactive population approach, facilitation of patient self-management, and extensive use of improved clinical information systems will be needed.
Studying Cary Grant's performance in The Awful Truth (Leo McCarey, 1937), Andrew Klevan writes of his "irresistibly charming ability to erase complication with ease of movement" (37), and this quality, evident throughout almost all of North by Northwest, faces its stiffest test when the conditions become dramatically less accommodating.
Klevan enumerates several types of spectator including: the fixated spectator; medium-conscious spectator; philosophical spectator; camera-conscious spectator; experiential spectator; context-conscious spectator; evaluating spectator; and analysis-conscious spectator.
But book dealer Richard Klevan, feeling an Australian bank note for comparison, was doubtful whether the new notes would be harder to forge.
For instance, when analysing performance and voice, Andrew Klevan also points to the importance of tone and the use of special/repetitive vocabulary.
Hennrikus DJ, Lando HA, McCarty MC, Klevan D, Holtan N, Huebsch JA, et al.
Leonard Klevan, president of Human Identification at Life Technologies, said that the company expects that the NDIS approval of the MiniFiler kit, and subsequent uploading of MiniFiler data, will significantly enhance the ability to use results recovered from challenging evidence samples to link crime scenes with potential suspects and other crime scenes.
Not much seems to happen in these movies, by conventional standards at least, and so they are often tagged as minimalist or de-dramatized art films (Bordwell 2005, Klevan 2000).
The defendant appealed the damages award on the grounds that the trial judge, Klevan J, had made a number of assumptions not supported by the evidence.
Many thanks to Andrew Klevan, Victor Perkins, David Turner, Ralph Mackenzie and Sarah Moore for their comments, suggestions, help and support.
Sir Rodney Klevan, QC, who has died aged just 61, made his name in several high-profile criminal cases, mainly on the Northern Circuit, before being appointed as a High Court judge in 1998.