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a city in Moscow Oblast, RSFSR, located on the Sestra River in the Volga basin. Population, 84,000 (1972; 28,000 in 1939).

Klin is a railroad station on the Moscow-Kalinin-Leningrad line, 89 km northwest of Moscow. Reference to Klin is first found in a chronicle dating from 1234. In 1482 the city was annexed to Moscow, along with the principality of Tver.

Klin was the patrimony of the Romanovs. In 1785 it became a district city of Moscow Province. The city was built according to a plan worked out in 1781. During the Great Patriotic War of 1941–45 (from Nov. 23 to Dec. 15, 1941) the city was occupied and ravaged by fascist German troops. It was rebuilt after the war, and new housing complexes are being built according to a 1967 master plan (architect, O. B. Gorinova).

Klin has a chemical fiber combine, plants manufacturing chemistry laboratory equipment (Khimlaborposuda), machine tools, glass, and thermometers, and enterprises producing textiles and building materials. The city also has a technicum offering evening courses in chemistry and mechanics.

Klin’s architectural monuments include the church of the former Uspenskii Monastery (early 16th-mid-17th century); Voskresenskaia Church, on the main square (1712; Naryshkin style, or “Moscow baroque”), with a tent-shaped 17th-18th-century bell tower; the pochtovyi dvor (mail yard); the gostinyi dvor (marketplace); and the town chiefs home (all early 19th century; architect, S. A. Karin). The Dem’ianovo country estate (18th century) is within the city’s precincts.

The composer P. I. Tchaikovsky lived and worked in Klin in 1892 and 1893; his home there is now a museum.

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