Klodt, Petr

Klodt, Petr Karlovich


(P. K. Klodt von Jurgensburg). Born May 24 (June 5), 1805, in St. Petersburg; died Nov. 8 (20), 1867, on the farmstead of Chalala, Finland (buried in St. Petersburg). Russian sculptor and casting master.

In 1829, Klodt began attending classes at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. In 1838, he became a professor there and the director of the casting shop. In his large sculptures of animals and in his smaller sculptures, Klodt sought to represent his observations of life directly yet never broke completely with classicist traditions. His works in Leningrad include the four groups of horse tamers on Anichkov Bridge (bronze, 1830’s, erected 1849–50), the monument to I. A. Krylov in the Summer Garden (bronze and granite, 1848–55), and the monument to Nicholas I (bronze, 1856–59, with sculptors N. A. Ramazanov and R. K. Zaleman). Klodt also sculpted At the Horse Pond (bronze, Russian Museum, Leningrad) and made models for Kasli castings.


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