(klôts`kô), Ger. Glatz, town (1994 est. pop. 30,600), Dolnośląskie prov., SW Poland. It is a commercial center with lumber and textile mills, metalworks, and sugar refineries. Founded in the 10th cent., it was capital of a county created in 1462. It was seized by Frederick II of Prussia in the War of the Austrian Succession and was formally ceded to Prussia in 1745. It was returned to Poland in 1945.
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Two separate railway lines in the south west, onnecting Wroclaw with Opole and another to Klodzko, were paralysed by the theft of around 400 metres of electric cable powering the trains, Siemieniec said.
While not just Klodzko but the whole of Silesia still belonged to the Bohemian Crown (until 1742), this region was the "centre of the kingdom" and a cultural crossroads between Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.
The three GPS sites located close to the SMF (from the NW towards the SE: Mecinka, Klodzko, and Lansky Vrch) used to show in the time-span considered horizontal motions directed, respectively, to the north (6 mm/yr), N10[degrees]E (7 mm/yr), and WNW (ca.
5 tonnes, secured by the police for trial purposes and transporting a damaged Police service vehicle to the indicated repair location - on the territory subject to the Commands Powiatowy Policji in: Klodzko, Sroda Slaska, Zabkowicach Slaskich
2015), and Upper Nysa - Klodzko Graben (Badura and Rauch, 2014).
The Upper Nysa Klodzka Graben (UNKG) is situated in the southern part of the Klodzko Depression.
Contract award notice: Unlimited tender for the supply of foodstuffs for the needs of the healthcare entity "health care team" in klodzko
The analysed sequences of precise levelling include the western and eastern borderland of the Sudetes: Zlote Mountains (Rychlebske), Laskowka depression, Bardo Mountains, Snieznik Massif and Klodzko Valley (Fig.
2): (A) Lower Sudeten terrain, (B) the Klodzko furrow, (C) Thrusting zone terrain, (D) Moravo-Devonian terrain and (E) Lower Silesian-Opole terrain (Schenk et al.
through Bardo to Klodzko, were not considered, as only 8 points from 1953 were remeasured in 1989.
Contract award notice: Development of green areas in the city of klodzko.