(klôts`kô), Ger. Glatz, town (1994 est. pop. 30,600), Dolnośląskie prov., SW Poland. It is a commercial center with lumber and textile mills, metalworks, and sugar refineries. Founded in the 10th cent., it was capital of a county created in 1462. It was seized by Frederick II of Prussia in the War of the Austrian Succession and was formally ceded to Prussia in 1745. It was returned to Poland in 1945.
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These operations are aimed at meeting the needs of the residents of the District of Klodzko.
Two separate railway lines in the south west, onnecting Wroclaw with Opole and another to Klodzko, were paralysed by the theft of around 400 metres of electric cable powering the trains, Siemieniec said.
While not just Klodzko but the whole of Silesia still belonged to the Bohemian Crown (until 1742), this region was the "centre of the kingdom" and a cultural crossroads between Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.
Polish government received a loan from the world bank to finance the cost basin flood protection project oder and vistula intends to use part of the funds from this loan to build two medium-dry polders (active protection) within the basin flood protection project oder and vistula in order to increase the water storage capacity in valley of klodzko valley for the contract 2a.
AS DzierzoniEw, Klodzko ZK, as Walbrzych, as Swidnica in numbers and range given in the tender documents.
the Commune Klodzko from the areas of real estate inhabited and uninhabited.
Contract notice: The waste collection service with military complexes administered by the military department of economic 2 in garrison klodzko.
The contract is for the supply of foodstuffs for medicinal entity Health Care Team in Klodzko.
Contract notice: Repair of motor vehicles, vans, minibuses, lorries and buses, and armored brdm-2 garrison wroclaw, bank and klodzko.
Contract notice: supply of medicines, operational materials and cleaners for medicinal entity "health care team" in klodzko.
4: Successive delivery of a variety of foods, place of delivery Jelenia Gora,- Problem # 5: gradual delivery of a variety of foods, place of delivery Klodzko,- Task No.