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What does it mean when you dream about kneeling?

Kneeling in a dream can reflect, on the one hand, a sense of humility and cooperation; or, on the other hand, a sense of surrender.

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Jay-Z has been among the biggest supporters of Kaepernick, who sparked a fissure in the NFL when he decided to kneel when the national anthem was played before games to protest the killings of blacks by police officers.
The video is from a private school in Surajpur's Datima, wherein a Sanskrit teacher punishes her students for not doing their homework by making them kneel down on the floor and say the phrase 'I am a donkey'.
Whether we kneel or stand before God, whether we lift our hands heavenward or close our eyes so we can better focus on God it is not the posture of our body, but of our heart that is important.
A Chinese man got so furious when his flight was delayed due to bad weather that he asked the airline staff to kneel and apologise.
Miami Dolphins wide receivers Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson were the only players reported to kneel before the eight early games kicked off.
Kaepernick became a controversial figure in American sport after he became the first NFL player to kneel during the national anthem to protest police brutality and perceived racial injustice.
His protest at police brutality and race inequality led other players to kneel instead of stand during the anthem and President Trump branded them "sons of b***s", demanding they be sacked.
Kaepernick's decision to first sit and eventually kneel during the national anthem has sparked criticism from Donald Trump as other players around the league joined in the protest against what they believe to be racial injustice.
"Players who kneel are continuing a long tradition of protesting injustice and should not be silenced by their league or the president," Rush said in a statement.
But standing up for a player's right to kneel during the anthem would have sent the message that the NFL embraces the sometimes difficult-to-accept patriotism of dissent.
The Principal of Tamil Girls' Maha Vidyalaya, Badulla has filed a fundamental rights petition in the Supreme Court saying that the Uva Province Chief Minister has violated her fundamental rights by forcing her to kneel before him.