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1. John. ?1514--72, Scottish theologian and historian. After exile in England and on the Continent (1547--59), he returned to Scotland in 1559 and established the Presbyterian Church of Scotland (1560). His chief historical work was the History of the Reformation in Scotland (1586)
2. Ronald (Arbuthnott). 1888--1957, British priest and author. A convert to Roman Catholicism, he is noted for his translation of the Vulgate (1945--49)
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Samsung KNOX

A mobile security platform from Samsung that separates business and personal functions in Android devices. Including a secure boot from tamper-proof read-only-memory (ROM), KNOX ensures that the OS and apps on the business side are not compromised in any manner. It also allows the organization to manage all the employee-related apps without interfering with any personal data. See Android.
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The line-up has been the same since the beginning--JD Goodwin on guitar and vocals, Ryan Hum on upright bass, and myself, Tom Knox, on drums.
Hu and Knox both note that the method is not as straightforward as it may seem.
Noted for its early and comprehensive support for the Linux open source operating system, Arkeia by Knox Software is a leading provider of enterprise network backup solutions.
Effective immediately, Knox brings to the company over 28 years of experience in the natural gas compression space, including 15 years serving in executive leadership functions.
Knox Reinsurance Company Inc., referred to as Knox Re, is licensed and regulated by the North Carolina Department of Insurance.
Knox drew attention in 2007 after she was charged with murder by an Italian court for the death of Kercher in Perugia, Italy.
Knox, 31, was due to arrive in Italy yesterday and is scheduled to join an event at the Criminal Justice Festival.
Knox has now been jailed for eight months and given a five year ban from operating a pet shop, following a prosecution by Durham County Council.
The European Court of Human Rights said on Thursday that there had been breaches of Knox's rights leading up to a related conviction for malicious accusation.
Samsung Knox is an enterprise-grade security solution that comes pre-loaded on most Samsung devices.
However Durham County Council has now admitted it's "still in the process" of deciding the fate of Knox's pet shop licence.
But the court heard his "business partner" and "international drugs importer" Lee Knox remains at large, after fleeing to Spain with him last June.

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