Knud Lyne Rahbek

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Rahbek, Knud Lyne


Born Dec. 18, 1760, in Copenhagen; died there Apr. 22, 1830. Danish writer and critic; professor of aesthetics at the University of Copenhagen.

In Letters of an Old Actor (1779; 2nd supplementary ed., 1782), Rahbek set forth his theory of the sentimental and didactic theater. He helped publish journals devoted to literature and public affairs as well as the anthology Selected Songs of the Danish Middle Ages (vols. 1–5, 1812–14). He also wrote songs, short stories, and plays. With R. Nyerup, Rahbek published A History of Danish Poetry (vols. 1–4, 1800–08). He was director of the Copenhagen Theater from 1809 to 1830. In his Recollections of My Life (1824–29), Rahbek surveyed Danish literary and cultural life of the late 18th century.


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