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(1) A Kirghiz plucked stringed instrument with a wooden pear-shaped body, a long neck without frets, and three strings, of which the first and third are usually tuned in unison and the middle a fourth or fifth higher. Its overall length is about 850 mm. The instrument is used to play two-part and three-part music and to accompany singing. Orchestral versions of the komuz, with frets, have been constructed.

(2) Among Turkic peoples, the name for the Jew’s harp. The name of the material from which the instrument is made—metal, wood, bamboo, or bone—is generally added to the word komuz, for example, temir-komuz, iron Jew’s harp.

(3) Dagestani single-keyboard accordion.

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El poeta Louis Aragon, por ejemplo, ademas de afirmar lo anterior, en una conversacion registrada magnetofonicamente por Jean Fernandez y Patrick Kobuz en 1979, se indigno porque Dali dijera que era Lorca quien queria acostarse con el: