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a Ukrainian folk singer who accompanies himself on the kobza (bandura), a type of plucked stringed instrument. The songs and dumy (epic-lyric songs) of the kobzari expressed the social aspirations of the toilers, primarily the peasantry, and glorified the heroes of the national struggle against foreign invaders. The art of the kobzar’ reached a high level in the 16th and 17th centuries. Famous kobzari of the 19th and 20th centuries included Andrei Shut (died 1873), Ostap Veresai (1803–90), Ivan Kriukovskii (1820–85), Fedor Kholodnyi (1832–1902), and Mikhail Kravchenko (1858–1917).

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Initially, Tulub worked on the screenplay for a film called Kobzar and Yakin, which can be seen as an early prototype for the novel.
Perry Bush, Dancing with the Kobzar: Bluffton College and Mennonite Higher Education, 1899-1999 (Telford, Pa.: Pandora Press, 2000), though Bush makes no mention of Bethany Bible Institute.
Acting President Oleksandr Turchynov added: "We're one country, one family and we're here together with our kobzar (bard) Taras."
Among various works of literature which have so far been translated from one language to the other, some are Shevchenko's "Kobzar" ("The bard," a poetry collection) and several novels from famous Turkish novelist Orhan Pamuk, such as "Snow," "My Name is Red" and "The White Castle." Last year, the fifth Turkish film festival was organized in Ukraine, where Turkish television series are also quite popular.
The pedestal supporting the hetman portrayed a kobzar [Ukrainian itinerant poet] who bore a striking resemblance to Taras Shevchenko and conveyed the "democratic" spirit of the monument; gathered around him were figures of Great, White, Little, and Galician Russian ethnographic types.
in Ukraine, with kobzar guilds established in Kyiv and Kharkiv and many
Muscle contractions in response to GABA have been reported in the tube feet of several species of sea urchins (Florey et al., 1975) and starfish (Protas and Muske, 1980), the protractor muscle of sea cucumbers (Kobzar, 1984), and the striated muscle of the vas deferens of crayfish (Murdock, 1971).
had the good fortune of being nominated for the inaugural $25,000 Kobzar National Literary Award to be presented in a gala ceremony in Toronto.
In 2005, the musical had its first out-of-town performance at Saskatoon's Persephone Theatre; won the inaugural Kobzar Literary Award; and was adapted to a short promotional film, selections which are viewable at www.youtube.com/dannyschur.