Koco Racin

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Racin, Kočo


(pen name of Kosta Apostolov Solev). Born Dec. 22, 1908, in Veles; died June 13, 1943. Macedonian writer. Member of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia from 1928.

Racin was a member of the workers’ and antifascist movement. He edited the newspaper Iskra (1933), helped found progressive literature in Vardar Macedonia, and initiated the revolutionary and proletarian school of Macedonian literature and criticism. Racin wrote the first book of verse in Macedonian, the collection White Dawns (1939). Extending the boundaries of folk poetics and rhythmics, he created a new poetic language. His prose dealt chiefly with the destruction of the old way of life and the impoverishment of the craftsmen. Racin’s articles of literary criticism include “Art and the Working Class.” He died while serving in a partisan detachment in the mountains of Lopušnik.


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He has translated into Mongolian the poetry of a number of Macedonian poets including Konstantin Miladinov, Koco Racin and Blaae Koneski.
We want to welcome all poor and discriminated citizens in Macedonia with the words of poet Koco Racin: We will win", stressed Saveski.
"We developed the concept relying on the great thoughts of Goce Delcev (I understand the world as a field for cultural contest) or Koco Racin (If I didn't build a home, the whole world is my home), wishing to emphasize the cosmopolite spirit of Macedonians," Projkovski said.
The founder of the modern Macedonian literature Koco Racin, in the study "The Development and the Significance of a New Literature of Ours", writes that the members of the Macedonian national revival movement are writers "deeply committed to the national ideals, firmly grounded on their real, vigilant, and only friends from the most progressive segment of their people" ...
The 53rd edition of the event Racin Meetings dedicated to the poet and revolutionary Koco Racin, the author of the timeless poetry book "White Dawns", was held in Veles on 9-10 June.
The CD with Racin's best love poetry--the Ballad for the Man Called Pain--was promoted in the memorial house of the poet and revolutionary Kosta Solev Racin, while the Koco Racin Street where the memorial house is was proclaimed the Alley of Poetry.