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a city (since 1946) in the Estonian SSR. Located in the northeastern part of the republic. Population, 70,000 (1972). The city has a railroad station (Jõhvi) 153 km east of Tallinn. It is the center of the shale-chemistry and shale-extraction industry of the republic. Its industries include shale-processing combines, building-materials production, and the manufacture of mineral fertilizers; there is also light industry. The city’s institutions include the Scientific Research Institute for Shale, a general technical evening department of the Tallinn Polytechnic Institute, a chemical technicum, and a medical school. Gas pipelines were constructed from Kohtla-Jarve to Leningrad in 1948 and to Tallinn in 1953.

The city consists of several separate territories: the city of Kohtla-Järve proper (the Old City, the Käva region, and the Sotsialistlik Linnaosa [Socialist City]) the villages of Kohtla and Kukruse (included in the city limits in 1959), and the cities of Ahtme and Johvi and the mining settlement of Somps (which became part of Kohtla-Järve in 1960). From the mid-1960’s housing projects built to standard plans have been constructed mainly in the eastern section of the Sotsialistlik Linnaosa and the northeastern section of Jöhvi. The city landscape is dominated by many waste heaps. The city’s architectural monuments are the fortified Gothic structures of the 15th century, including church in the center of Jõhvi and a dwelling on the outskirts of the Sotsialistlik Linnaosa.


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The business to be acquired operates from four retail locations in Tallinn, Tartu, Parnu and Kohtla-Jarve, representing BMW in each location and Kia at two.
As Kohtla-Jarve WWTP receives effluents from the semicoke thermal processing area and semicoke landfill, it was proposed to adapt its sludge sample to higher concentrations of hazardous substances.
4 [micro]g/L) were the highest in the effluent of the Kohtla-Jarve WWTP and the content of chromium (16.
BNS/TBT Staff--No one was injured but six people had to be evacuated when a part of a wooden ceiling fell down in a two-story apartment building in the northeastern city of Kohtla-Jarve on Tuesday evening.
The language choices and the ethnic identity of the respondents with the example of Kohtla-Jarve and Paldiski
A short dispatch from the Tass news agency said Matthias Rust, a computer operator, crossed into Soviet air space in the area of the city of Kohtla-Jarve, on the Estonian coast about 90 miles south east of Helsinki, Finland.
aastal sundinud naine, et Tallinn mojus talle snooblikult, Kohtla-Jarve kolkana (kuigi hiljem valib ta just selle linna oma elukohaks), aga Peipsi-aarne mets meeldis--valiku (kodususe) aluseks oli meenutus kodusest Siberist.
I have just arrived in Kohtla-Jarve from Tartu, and I want to get from the town centre to nearby Vanakula in order to take part in the meeting organised by local amateur historians.
arsenic acid), which were once used in the oil extraction process, have been buried to Kohtla-Jarve semicoke dumps.
It will be shown to what extent the perception of the convergent forms by speakers from bilingual Tallinn and Russian-dominant Kohtla-Jarve is similar or different and to what extent various factors (micro- and macrosociolinguistic, language awareness and speakers' attitudes) affect the perception.
Kontrastide otsimisele ja analuusimisele keskendus ka inimgeograafia doktorant Anu Printsmann, kes vaatles Kohtla-Jarve oonsate maastike ilu ja valu, seda labi erinevate inimsaatuste ja elulugude.