Sockeye Salmon

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sockeye salmon

[‚säk‚ī ′sam·ən]
(vertebrate zoology)
The species Oncorhynchus nerka, which is generally smaller and is uniquely adapted to rearing in interior lakes rather than streams or rivers. Also known as red salmon.

Sockeye Salmon


(Oncorhynchus nerka), also red salmon or blueback salmon, a migratory or freshwater fish of the genus of Pacific salmon. It is characterized by numerous gill rakers (28–40) and its bright red coloration during reproduction. The sockeye salmon is 55–60 cm long and weighs 2.2–3 kg. It enters the rivers of Kamchatka from May through late July. It spawns from late summer until midwinter near sources of groundwater, most often in lakes and near springs. The sockeye salmon buries its roe in gravelly bottoms. The fry live in lakes a year or longer and feed predominantly on plankton. In the sea, sockeye salmon feed on invertebrates and small fish. The flesh and roe are valuable.

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Drew Creek upstream of Florence Lake has habitat that, based on qualitative observations and descriptions in Parson and Hubert (1988), appears suitable for kokanee salmon spawning, but the channel between Florence Lake and Upper Bass Lake is slow moving with primarily soft sediments (sand and silt) and is not suitable for spawning.
Kokanee salmon were introduced into Florence and Upper Bass lakes accidentally.
Restoration of Kokanee salmon in Kootenay Lake, a large intermontane lake, by controlled seasonal application of limiting nutrients.
"Smallmouths chase kokanee salmon or rainbows, so any rocky point coming off the bank may hold giant smallmouths in spring.
A few years ago, Blue Mesa would have been one of the primary lakes on our list, but most of the fishermen using the resource lobbied hard for the protection of Blue Mesa's kokanee salmon population.
Mature kokanee salmon, transformed from a silver-blue color to a fiery vermilion, twist their narrowing way upstream from Lake Tahoe to spawn in the gravels of Taylor Creek, near South Lake Tahoe.
Kokanee Salmon * Salmon numbers are high right now, so expect consistent action for one of the best-tasting fish in fresh-water--and they fight like crazy on light tackle.
Great fishing for kokanee salmon, rainbow and brown trout.
Kokanee Salmon >> One of the hottest fisheries happening for these superb-eating and hard-fighting fish up to about 5 pounds, with the season lasting until September 10.
Both offer fishing for large- and smallmouth bass, catfish, kokanee salmon, brown and rainbow trout.
"That big Blue Mesa trout was caught on a tube jig," he says, "but because our forage fish are different we often present our baits differently than anglers on the Shield." Rocky Mountain lake trout like dining on kokanee salmon. Ours are the Barry Bonds of lake trout.