N. (pseudonym of Nadezhda Stepanovna Sokhanskaia). Born Feb. 17 (Mar. 1), 1825 (according to other sources, 1823), on Veselyi farm, in present-day Kursk Oblast; died Dec. 3 (15), 1884, on Makarovka farm, in present-day Kharkov Oblast. Russian writer.

Kokhanovskaia was the daughter of a Ukrainian landowner. She began to publish her work in 1844. She combined intimate knowledge of the life of the petty nobility with an ascetic advocacy of long-suffering and all-forgiveness in the spirit of Slavophilism in such novellas as After Dinner, While Visiting (1858) and The Screw (1860) and in the play Thank God That the Peasant Has Woven His Sandal (1871). In 1863, Kokhanovskaia began contributing to conservative periodicals.


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