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[Heb.,=day of atonement], in Judaism, the most sacred holy day, falling on the 10th day of the Jewish month of Tishri (usually late September or early October). It is a day of fasting and prayer for forgiveness for sins committed during the year.
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Because of this misunderstanding, it was presumed that a Jew's testimony was untrustworthy--i.e., since it was believed that all vows were renounced in adherence to the Kol Nidrei declaration, any oath taken by a Jew before civil authorities was worthless.
Couple the Cello Concerto with a lovely reading of Max Bruch's Kol Nidrei and a less-interesting but still well recorded version of Tchaikovsky's Variations on a Rococo Theme, and you get a splendid album.
"Nos separa la palabra y el mundo" menciona la presencia del Kadish, el rosario, el Kol Nidrei y "la serpiente encabalada" para afirmar, al final, que "la palabra crea el mundo" (12).
She found delightful diversions with songs by Faure and the beautiful Kavatine from Weber's opera Der Freischutz while Alexander introduced Max Bruch's haunting Kol Nidrei (A Jewish Prayer) and a fiendishly difficult Dance of the Elves among a generous handful of virtuosic pieces.
"As I stood there, the last Kol Nidrei prayer emitted by my grandfather's sweet voice rang in my ears.
Daniel Sieradski, the Jewish social media guru and activist with connections to Occupy Wall Street (among other things, he organized last month's Kol Nidrei service across the street from Zuccotti Park), told me this morning that a single individual with access to the feed had made the tweet, and that then Sieradski and others "raised concerns to folks on the PR and media teams that there had been no consensus on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict (opinions differ as to whether the topic is even germane), that it was not appropriate for this individual to make such a declaration on behalf of the movement, and that the ramifications would likely be severe." He added, "Others in their affinity group concurred that it was inappropriate and the tweet was deleted."
Hebrew, the holy language, is written with the letters of a second holy language, Aramaic, which is sufficiently sacred to be the language of parts of the Tanach (the Hebrew Bible), of the Gemara, and of familiar prayers and songs like Kaddish, Kol Nidrei, and Had Gadya.
The RLPO's Norwegian-born principal cellist Jonathan Aasgaard turned soloist for Max Bruch's melancholy D minor adagio on Hebrew melodies Kol Nidrei.
Appropriately at this Holocaust remembrance-tide, we also heard Bruch's Kol Nidrei, for which the distinguished cellist Raphael Wallfisch joined the ensemble.
The programme includes Grainger's Handel,in the Strand, Mozart's Exultate Jubilate, Mendelssohn's War March of the Priests,Bruch's Kol Nidrei,Kilar's Exodus and Handel's Hallelujah Chorus.
And, of course, and with the protesters' consent, a mass Kol Nidrei service affiliated with Occupy Wall Street was held last Friday.
The second question posed was: "Do you plan on going to synagogue on Yom Kippur?" Fifty-one percent of the respondents answered that they would take part in the holiday's prayers (21% in all of them, 14% in some, and 16% only in Kol Nidrei and Ne'ilah), while 49% said they will not attend Yom Kippur services at all.