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a city (settlement until 1931) in Vladimir Oblast, RSFSR, on the Peksha River (a tributary of the Kliaz’ma). Railroad station on the Aleksandrov-Kineshma line, 76 km northwest of Vladimir. Population, 42,000 (1970; 11,000 in 1926). There are plants for the processing of nonferrous metals, the manufacture of cables, the rebuilding of television tubes, and the production of reinforced-concrete structures. Kol’chugino also has a creamery, garment and furniture factories, and a logging and lumber combine. It is the site of a technicum for the processing of nonferrous metals.

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Electronic auction: acquisition of a comfortable residential building (apartment) for orphans and children left without parental care, persons from among orphans and children left without parental care with all amenities, located in the city of kolchugino, with a total area of at least 16.
Electronic auction: carrying out works on the maintenance of highways (snow harvesting, mowing grass) in the territory of kolchugino district municipality in 2018
Electronic auction: performing works on improvement of the yard territory (arrangement and repair of motor roads and pedestrian roads to the address: kolchugino, 50 years of the ussr street, 12
Tenders are invited for The right to enter into an Agreement for the adjustment of the working documentation 22-07 / 13 "Construction of 6 kV switchgear 110/6 kV" Kolchugino "for the needs of PJSC" IDGC of Center and Volga region "branch" Vladimirenergo