(kôlôb`zhĕk) or


town (1994 est. pop. 46,300), Zachodniopomorskie prov., NW Poland, on the Baltic Sea at the mouth of the Prośnica River. It is a seaport, seaside resort, and rail junction. A salt-trading center in the Middle Ages, it was chartered in 1255. It was besieged three times by the Russians in the Seven Years War before it fell in 1761. Kołobrzeg was virtually obliterated during World War II.
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Ljubljana banners Pool B with Santos and Denver, as Trbovlje, Kolobrzeg, and NY Harlem complete Pool C.
Lilla Piatrowska, 18, arrived in England from the town of Kolobrzeg in Poland just over four years ago and started at the school in Sandpits Lane, Keresley, without being able to speak any English at all.
The company has 400 employees at two factories in Kolobrzeg in northern Poland, and reported a turnover of approximately NOK250m in 2006.
In the year 1000, Bishop Reinbern established a bishopric of Kolobrzeg.
Anna, who now lives in Jesmond, originally comes from the town of Kolobrzeg in north-west Poland and is a postgraduate accountant from the University of Szczecin.
Half a millennium after Botticelli painted Venus as the central figure in the mysterious parable of Primavera, Rineke Dijkstra brings the figure back for a solo turn in the form of a Polish adolescent on the beach of Kolobrzeg.
The contract involved reconstruction work at the Port of Kolobrzeg, NCC said.
The order is divided into the following parts - tasks: Task 1 - bialogard distribution district task 2 - drawsko pomorskie distribution area task 3 - koszalin distribution division task 4 - district of szczecinek distribution task 5 - distribution district of kolobrzeg task 6 - slupsk distribution division task 7 - region of czluchw distribution task 8 - distribution division of lebork task 9 - bytw distribution division.
Contract award notice: Collection and management of municipal waste from residential and non-residential properties from the kolobrzeg municipality.
Contract award notice: Liability insurance, Property insurance and motor vehicle risk insurance of the independent public health care unit of the regional hospital in kolobrzeg.
Supply of liquid fuels for the needs of MZZDiOS in Kolobrzeg Sp.