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a river in Leningrad and Vologda oblasts, RSFSR, right tributary of the Suda River (Volga basin). Length, 254 km; basin area, 3,730 sq km. It rises in the Vepsovskaia Elevation and flows through the Mologa-Sheksna Lowland. It is fed by mixed sources (primarily snow). High water occurs from April to May. The average annual flow rate 30 km from the mouth is 25.2 cu m per sec. The Kolp’ freezes in November and thaws in late April or early May. Timber is floated on the river. The city of Babaevo is on the Kolp’.

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In fact, we have had our fire blankets used to save situations in different households."Our customers are also organised in a way that they have sort of cylinder assembly points where they quickly evacuate the cylinders once there is news of some fire outbreak around them," said Mr Zach Kolp, PayGo head of finance.
Kolp Irrevocable Trust, led by Danielle Litaker-Nall, bought 14.23 acres on the west side of Old Shackleford Road between 36th Street and Shackleford Road.
According to the level rise after the Pleistocene deglaciation it was translocated from the Bornholm Basin between Scania (Skane) and Bornholm to the Arkona Basin between Ruegen and Bornholm to its contemporary position in the Oderhaff estuary (Kolp 1983, Hoffmann 2002).
Using adaptive user interfaces increase the cost time and effort of the application that provides number of features and support different type of users(Tran Kolp Vanderdonckt Wautelet and Faulkner 2010).
aabe 'letter', eira-(ma) 'to neglect', emba-(ma) 'to caress', hoiva-(ma) 'to occupy', holva-(ma) 'to make useful', kolp 'skull', kuul-(ik) 'rabbit', laip 'dead body', laup 'forehead', liibu-(ma) 'to cling', lunk gap', malbe 'modest', meede 'measure', morv 'murder', mursk 'shell; guided missile', naas-(ma) 'to return', nenti-(ma) 'to state', nome 'ignorant', raal 'computer', reet-(ma) 'to betray', relv 'weapon', roim 'crime', selve 'self-service', siiras 'sincere', solge 'lithe', sulnis 'delicious', tarni-(ma) 'to provide', toik 'fact', ulm 'dream', vandel 'ivory', veen(ma) 'to convince', vaisa-(ma) 'to visit'.
There is no evidence regarding long-term neurotoxicity or prolonged psychological negative effects when used in a controlled clinical setting (Krupitsky & Kolp 2007; Khorramzadeh & Lofty 1973).
Authority Traycee Huck, CPO, National Church Columbus, Ohio SHCM Residences Todd Kolp, SHCM Gold Key Realty Monroe, Ohio Tim Lease, SHCM Seattle Housing Seattle, Wash.
The case is being prosecuted by Assistant Attorneys General Peter Kolp, Joseph D'Arrigo and Jeff Minett and Special Assistant Attorney General Lisa Lee of the Auto Insurance Fraud Unit, under the supervision of Senior Investigative Counsel Nina Sas, Bureau Chief Gaff Heatherly and Deputy Bureau Chief Felice Sontupe.
John Kolp, HELP's director of information systems, assembled seasoned managers into a core implementation team to set milestones and plan the basics leading up to the software's introduction.
Kolp and Rea (2006: 25) aver that the belief that the primary job of a CEO is to maximize shareholder wealth (or the wealth of the CEO) leads to a corporation that has lost its soul, a good example of which is Enron.