Komarov, Petr Stepanovich

Komarov, Petr Stepanovich


Born July 12 (25), 1911, in the village of Boevo, Novgorod Province; died Sept. 30, 1949, in Khabarovsk. Soviet Russian poet. Member of the CPSU (1943).

Komarov was the son of a worker. His poetry was first published in 1929, and his first collection, At the Shores of the Amur, was published in 1940. Komarov’s best verses offer memorable descriptions of the beauty of his native land and its historic past and of the selfless labor of the natives of the Far East. The poetry is rich in imagery and lyrical sincerity. The verse cycles Manchurian Notebook, A New Stage, and The Green Zone were honored in 1950 with the State Prize of the USSR.


Stikhotvoreniia. [Compiled and prepared by N. Eselev.]


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