Kommunist Vooruzhennykh Sil

Kommunist Vooruzhennykh Sil


(Communist of the Armed Forces), a military-political journal of the Main Political Directorate of the Soviet Army and Navy.

The journal is designed for commanders, political workers, propagandists, and the most active members of the party and Komsomol. It is published in Moscow twice a month. From February 1920 to September 1924 the military-political journal of the Political Directorate of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Republic was Politrabotnik, which was subsequently named Sputnik politrabotnika (until December 1926), Voennyi vestnik (until 1933), Propagandist RKKA (until 1936), Propagandist i agitator RKKA (until 1940), Propagandist Krasnoi Armii (until 1942), Agitator i Propagandist Krasnoi Armii (until 1946), Propagandist i agitator Krasnoi Armii (until 1947), and Propagandist i agitator (until September 1960). From July 1957 the journal Partiino-politicheskaia rabota v Sovetskoi Armii i VMF was published simultaneously. In October 1960 the two journals merged into one journal, Kommunist Vooruzhennykh Sil.

The main task of the journal is the propaganda of Marxist-Leninist theory, the policies of the CPSU, and questions concerning the building up of the party and the theory of party and political work in the armed forces. It also deals with the labor victories of Soviet people, the successes of the peoples of the fraternal socialist countries, the problems of the world communist movement, the revolutionary struggle of the working people in the capitalist countries, and questions concerning combat training and military instruction. On Feb. 22, 1968, the journal was awarded the Order of the Red Star.


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