Koncar, Rade

Končar, Rade


Born Oct. 28, 1911, in the village of Končarev Kraj, Croatia; died May 22, 1942, in the city of Šibenik. Figure of the Yugoslav antifascist movement. People’s Hero of Yugoslavia (posthumously, 1942).

Končar was a metalworker and joined the Communist Party of Yugoslavia (CPY) in 1934. He was sentenced to two years imprisonment in 1936 for revolutionary activity. Končar became a member of the Zagreb city committee of the Communist Party of Croatia (CPC) in 1938, political secretary of the Central Committee of the CPC in 1939, and a member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPY in 1940. After the occupation of Yugoslavia by fascist troops in April 1941, Končar directed the preparation of the national liberation uprising in Croatia and in October 1941, in Dalmatia. Končar was captured by the Italian fascists and shot. An electrical equipment factory in Zagreb has been named after him.


Milosti ne tražim. Zagreb, 1959.