Kong Karls Land

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Kong Karls Land

(kông kärls län) or

King Charles Land,

island group, 128 sq mi (332 sq km), in the Barents Sea, part of the Norwegian possession of SvalbardSvalbard
, archipelago (23,958 sq mi/62,051 sq km), island group (2015 est. pop. 2,700), possession of Norway, located in the Arctic Ocean, c.400 mi (640 km) N of the Norwegian mainland and between lat. 74°N and 81°N.
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, W of Spitsbergen. It includes Kongsøya, Svenskøya, and Abeløya islands.
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He developed patience to wait months for the perfect shot, such as the polar bear cubs on Kong Karls Land in Norway.
The BBC spent 25 years campaigning to be allowed into the Bogon Valley in Kong Karls Land, a group of islands east of Spitsburg considered the Mecca for polar bear viewing.
Helgoland cruised extensively around the archipelago and charted Kong Karls Land accurately for the first time.

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