Konstantin Alekseevich Gordienko

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Gordienko, Konstantin Alekseevich


Born Sept. 21 (Oct. 3), 1899, in the village of Nikitiutsky, in present-day Khmel’nitskü Oblast. Soviet Ukrainian writer.

Gordienko began to publish in 1923. His first collection of stories. Fed’ko, was published in 1925. Gordienko writes primarily on peasant themes. The fundamental problem posed in his books is the formation of the new man: the novel She Reaped Another’s Crop (parts 1–2, 1939–40) and the tales For Wages (1949; Russian translation, 1954), Girl Under the Apple Tree (1954; Russian translation, 1961), Ostap Tura’s Family (1958), and Winter Tale (1965; Russian translation, 1966). Gordienko’s novel Buimir was published in 1968. He has written for children (the tale The Ruffian, 1938). Gordienko was awarded two orders.


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