Konstantin Kaufman

Kaufman, Konstantin Petrovich


Born Feb. 19 (Mar. 2), 1818; died May 4 (16), 1882, in Tashkent. Russian general of the engineers (1874), adjutant-general (1864).

Kaufman graduated from the Central Engineering College in 1839 and served in the Caucasus. During the Crimean War, while carrying out the duties of chief of the campaign staff, he concluded with the British general Williams the conditions for surrendering Kars to Russian troops. After 1867, Kaufman was in command of the forces in the Turkestan Military District and was the governor-general of Turkestan. He directed the military operations against the Emirate of Bukhara (1868) and the Khanate of Khiva (1873) and the suppression of the Kokand Uprising (1874–76).

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