Konstantinov, Petr

Konstantinov, Petr Aleksandrovich


Born Dec. 25,1898 (Jan. 6, 1899), in Murom; died Oct. 2, 1973, in Moscow. Soviet Russian actor. People’s Artist of the USSR (1966).

Konstantinov began his artistic career in 1919. Upon graduation in 1921 from the Moscow Philharmonic School, where he had been a student of N. K. lakovlev and I. A. Ryzhov, he joined the Zamoskvorech’e Theater. He was later affiliated with other theaters, including the First State Theater for Children (1923–26) and the State Central Young People’s Theater (1932–34).

Konstantinov’s roles included Schastlivtsev, Kuroslepov, Shmaga, and Podkhaliuzin in Ostrovskii’s The Forest, Fiery Heart, Guilty Though Guiltless, and It’s a Family Affair, We’ll Settle It Among Ourselves. He also portrayed Podkolesin in Gogol’s Marriage. Between 1934 and 1958, Konstantinov performed at the Central Theater of the Soviet Army; in 1958 he appeared at the Malyi Theater. At the Central Theater of the Soviet Army he played the roles of Perchikhin and Monakhov in Gorky’s Smug Citizens and The Barbarians, Kudrov and Viktorov in Chepurin’s Stalingraders and Spring Stream, and Mudzimuro in Barianov’s On the Other Side. Konstantinov’s roles at the Malyi Theater included Prozorov in Aleshin’s Chamber, Pikalov in Trenev’s Liubov’ larovaia, the title role in Gorky’s The Old Man, and Grishankov in Lavrent’ev’s The Man and the Globe.

Konstantinov also appeared in motion pictures. In his performances he combined accuracy of social portrayal with trueto-life authenticity of his heroes. A recipient of the State Prize of the USSR in 1950, Konstantinov was also awarded the Order of Lenin and various medals.

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