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an Old Russian town of Novgorod Land (now a village in Lomonosov Raion, Leningrad Oblast). The town was first mentioned in 1240, when the Teutonic Knights built a fortress there, which Alexander Nevsky destroyed in 1241. In 1280 the Novgorodians erected a stone town in Kopor’e; they destroyed it themselves two years later as a result of a quarrel with their prince, who had tried to seize Kopor’e. Another fortress was constructed in 1297 and rebuilt in the late 15th and early 16th centuries. The Treaty of Stolbovo of 1617 gave Kopor’e to Sweden; it was returned to Russia in 1703. In the 18th century Kopor’e was a district town and then a village. There are ruins of the fortress walls (approximately 5m thick) and towers (as high as 20 m).

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