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an urban-type settlement in Orsha Raion, Vitebsk Oblast, Byelorussian SSR. Landing on the Dnieper River; rail-road station on the Orsha-Mogilev line. Kopys’ is the site of the tile-manufacturing workshop of the Orsha Combine, which produces silicate articles.

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Villages like Bolbasovo or Kopys are a model to be used to bring order to similar villages throughout the country in the next few years.
In Lithuania, such decoration was rather scarce, although there were exceptions to this rule, like synagogues in Mohylew or Kopys' (in today's Belarus).
Reconstruction of a bath with improvement of the adjacent territory at the address: vitebsk region, orsha district, kopys town, kopysskoe forest district, dendropark, 1 1 object (s)
Tenders are invited for Procurement of services of the general contractor for the construction of the facility "Overhaul with elements of the modernization of the building of the Kopysk House of Culture in Lenina Street, 5 in the town of Kopys" (including equipping the facility with equipment, carrying out equipment installation and commissioning)
Tenders are invited for accessories (hardware, locking elements) on the swing gates (half-loop, pen holder, lock, bolt, pin, pin) for construction project "engineering and transport infrastructure in the town Kopys ".